Everything From Zero

Everything From Zero

A modern-retro fusion of electronica, ambient, deep house and smooth jazz influenced by some of the styles greatest artists of the 70's, 80's and 90's. EFZero's musical compositions have strong, engaging melodies, complex harmonies, and energizing improvisational solos.

Composed, Produced, and Performed by Charles A. Wilson Copyright 2016 TuKatz Music (ASCAP)


There is a place in my high school yearbook where they ask the students what they want to do in their lifetime. Mine said this: "to produce original laser light shows with original music." At the time I was awestruck at the laser shows put on at the local planetarium to the music of Pink Floyd and U2, but I wanted to do something with original electronic music. So this is where the seed was planted...

Over the years there has been music school, opportunities to play behind some great musicians, developing a fondness for the recorded sound, music production and arranging, and it is all now coming to this which I consider the first step towards actually seeing the dream fulfilled. As time moves forward, my hope is that this original music I compose will be able to be performed with a live light show in a planetarium setting, but right now, this is the first step...

The beginning of the Journey...

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